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Craft Labels

With summer just disappearing, the craft season has come to an end, however never fear. Winter is coming… and there’s nothing better than your favourite craft beer at winter wonderland or a lovely craft honey on toast for breakfast before facing the cold. So, here is Davenport Printer’s ultimate guide to craft labels.

What is a craft label?

Craft labels are typically used for artisanal food which encompasses fruit preserves such as jam or marmalade, cheeses, beverages such as craft beers and wines as well as home products such as soap and candles.

Great consideration should be spent on deciding the aesthetic of your label as it is the first thing your customers see when determining whether to purchase. Therefore, the choice of colour, size, font, design and size are important to get right in order to stand out amongst competitors.

How to update your craft labels:

A simple way of re-vamping your labels is changing your colour scheme. However, making sure your labels colours are consistent throughout your brand is important. Using a Custom Foil Label enables you to change the writing to a gold or silver (e.g. shown below) could give the label a more premium look or possibly changing the background to a bright colour such as blue and the writing to white would make the label stand out more.

(JH Davenport's Label - Syson & Ball)

Additionally, you could look at changing the Label Material, making the label thicker, textured or pearlescent would make the label more eye-catching.

Finally, to re-vamp you could start with a completely fresh design in order to motivate current customers to purchase or attract new customers. In order to create your new label, you could get in touch with a graphic designer and brainstorm with them your ideas, in order to create a fresh re-vamped label. Read here for more advice on what to think about when designing your label.

Ordering your craft labels

When starting a business, labels are often overlooked or are left until the final stages to decide. However, your label could play a pivotal role in whether your business makes the leap from a small start-up to a supermarket brand that everyone knows. So, try not to undervalue the power that the label has over your customers purchase decisions.

When ordering your labels please consider:

  • Finding a trustworthy label supplier that will give you a quote – Davenports has earnt its loyal customers through supplying quality products at competitive prices, whilst ensuring top notch customer service.

  • Label price – the more labels you order the cheaper the price will be.

  • Order samples– this isn’t essential but would be good to check if you are happy with the aesthetic of the label and to see if you are happy with the label’s adhesive before your final purchase.

Craft Events This Autumn/Winter

(still on as we are aware but obviously subject to COVID regulations)

Now is your chance to get prepared and book a stall at a craft and gift fair, farmers market or a festival this Autumn/Winter to exhibit and sell your craft products. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 most events have been cancelled, however below are some events that are still happening with social distancing measures in place.

Craft Fairs

· Craft and Gift Fair | Gordale Garden Centre, Cheshire | 9 October 2020

· Christmas Craft Fair | Coggeshall Village Hall, Essex | 10 October 2020

· Wensleydale Craft Fair | The Market House, North Yorkshire | 10 October 2020

· Devizes Craft and Gift Market | Ceres Hall The Corn Exchange, Wiltshire | 10 October 2020

· Bizarre Bazaar Alternative Market Halloween | Whitby Brunswick Centre, North Yorkshire | 30 October 2020

Beer Festivals

· Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival | 18 November 2020

· Saltaire Beer Club | Shipley |30 October 2020

· Oktoberfest x Chow Down |Leeds | 25 October 2020

Farmers Markets

· Leeds Farmers and Craft Market | Briggate |First and Third Sunday of every month

· Headingley Farmers Market | Rose Garden, North Lane | 2nd Saturday of every month

· Chapel Allerton Farmers Market | The Three Hulats Pub, Harrogate Road | Last Sunday of every month

· Oakwood Food and Craft Market | Oakwood Clock | First Saturday of every month

If you are looking for Custom Label Printing, look no further… we are a Leeds Printing Company who specialise in Printing Labels such as Custom Labels, Swing Tag Labels, Craft Beer Labels and Price Tag Labels. Whatever your label printing needs we have the expertise! Get in touch!

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