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Fifth generation printing company and we are proud of it.

JH Davenport Printers & Sons was established in 1888 and whilst printing technology has changed our customer orientated approach has not. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality labels at a competitive price whilst keeping their needs, market and product at the forefront of our minds.

Blood, sweat and tears and probably a large investment goes into the creation of your product, therefore it is our job to ensure that all the hard work you have put in transcribes into your custom label design and quality.

We recognise how important having great custom labels is to your brand. That is why we spend time researching the market for changes in design and technology to guarantee that we are delivering the best results for our customers. This includes investing in the latest technology and training our print team. We are an honest, family run business, supplying excellent labels at excellent prices.


Established in 1888 we are one of the longest standing, experienced label printing companies in the UK, we pride ourselves on quality and customer service.

JH Davenport are a printers with heritage, supplying printed material for over a century. Our area of expertise is label printing but that is not where it ends. Our customers are loyal and our reputation for speed and quality of service is second to none.

As required with many of our customers, we are quality assured to British Retail Consortium Standard for Food Safety and hold A category certification.



By Royal Appointment

We are proud to have a facsimile (the original was paid into the bank, of course) of a cheque signed by Queen Mary.

Family Run Company

We are so proud to be a fifth generation family run company. The average length of employment for our current staff is over 20 years – make use of our experience.

Our Customers

We love our customers. They wouldn’t be with us if our quality and lead-times were not tip-top.

Established in 1888

We were established in 1888 and we’re still printing – we must be doing something right!

Speak to us and you will be speaking to a decision-maker. Speak to us for action. Fast.

Decision Maker

Need labels for Food or Retail? We are BRC accredited.

BRC Accredited

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