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Revolutionize Your Brand's Marketing Strategy with Peel and Reveal Labels from J.H. Davenport

In the highly competitive marketplace, brands must find innovative ways to stand out and captivate their customers. One such method is by incorporating peel and reveal labels into your marketing campaigns. With over 130 years of experience in the printing industry, J.H. Davenport offers high-quality custom peel and reveal labels that can elevate your marketing strategy. This blog post will discuss the benefits of these labels, showcase successful examples, and provide guidance on how to effectively use them in your marketing campaigns.

Understanding Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal labels are multi-layered, interactive labels that can be applied to product packaging or promotional materials. The top layer can be peeled back to reveal additional information, images, or promotional content underneath. This hidden content can range from product usage instructions to exclusive discounts and offers, providing an engaging experience for your customers.

The Advantages of Incorporating Peel and Reveal Labels in Your Marketing Campaigns

Boost Brand Awareness

By creating an interactive experience for your customers, peel and reveal labels encourage them to actively engage with your brand. This heightened engagement increases brand awareness and recall, as customers are more likely to remember a unique interaction with your product.

Improve Customer Experience

Peel and reveal labels offer consumers additional information that may not fit on traditional product packaging. This can lead to a more informed purchasing decision and improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the interactive nature of these labels enhances the unboxing experience, making it more enjoyable and memorable.

Successful Examples of Brands Using Peel and Reveal Labels

  1. Coca-Cola: In 2018, Coca-Cola utilized peel and reveal labels to launch their "Share a Coke" campaign. The labels featured individual names and encouraged people to find a bottle with their name or a friend's name, then share it on social media. This campaign led to a 2.5% increase in sales and over 500,000 social media mentions.

  2. L'Oréal: The cosmetics giant employed peel and reveal labels to provide detailed product information and usage instructions in multiple languages. This not only improved customer experience but also enabled L'Oréal to comply with international labeling regulations.

Partner with J.H. Davenport for Your Peel and Reveal Label Needs

As a family-owned printer in Leeds, J.H. Davenport has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality custom labels, including peel and reveal labels. They have worked with top brands such as M&S, Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco, and Morrisons, providing a wide range of printing products like packaging designs, product tags, and custom labels for jars, bottles, and more.

By leveraging their state-of-the-art printing technology, J.H. Davenport ensures a quick turnaround time and a zero-defect policy, delivering exceptional printing projects. To learn more about their label printing services, visit their website at or reach out to them directly via phone at 0113 249 5561 or email at

In conclusion, peel and reveal labels offer a unique opportunity for brands to enhance their marketing efforts by creating memorable and interactive experiences for customers. By partnering with J.H. Davenport, you can effectively incorporate these labels into your marketing campaigns and achieve optimal results.

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