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Brexit Labelling Changes

As a result of the UK’s departure from the European Union and new free trade agreement the legal requirements for label and sticker standards have changed.

The timescale of the changes alters, some must be made immediately, whereas others will be introduced gradually.

Davenport Printers are researching the changes in label printing in order to stay updated and provide an overview for our customers to help them make necessary changes.

Brexit's Impact on Labels in 2021

The UK ‘implementation stage’ has now come to an end, resulting in new rules for trading with the EU and introducing goods into the UK market. The immediate changes for labels on products entering the EU are to the listed operator addresses as well as product sourcing references.

The changes in the UK domestic market we expect to see gradually over time, although the government recommends that businesses are vigilant and act accordingly. Existing stock with labels that conform to previous regulations can still be sold for a limited amount of time.

EU Distributor Information

Permission is needed to use ‘Made in EU’ or EU flags on products, labels or packaging. As well as this your product may need an EU Distribution address clearly visible on the label or packaging of the product.

Products of Animal Origin

Products of animal origin are no longer allowed to use the ‘EC’ reference code if sourced in the UK, in its place ‘UK’ ‘GB’ or ‘United Kingdom’ must be used.

CE Conformity Markings

The European Union CE symbol must now be replaced with the UKCA logo for products that are sold in the UK. However, products sold in Northern Ireland must be labelled UKNI to signify to conformity standards.

At Davenports we are committed to helping our customers make the necessary Brexit changes, so do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

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