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Cast and Cure

You put your heart and soul into your product, why not put it into your label as well? We are determined to make sure your hard work translates into your label and make sure your product stands out on the shelves. We are always looking to improve our processes not only to be more sustainable and efficient but to also get the quality that your product deserves. That is why we are committed to enhancing our digital capabilities through continued investment in the latest technologies and hopefully our customers will reap the rewards in product quality and production efficiency. One of the many benefits of this new technology is Cast and Cure, which is a decorative process that allows a variety of finishes on a range of substrates. Put simply, much more choice for our customers.

Cast and Cure allows for the incorporation of ultra-high gloss, holographic and matte finishes on a range of substrates that can be achieved in both sheet-fed and web-fed settings. To achieve this, apply wet UV or EB varnish to a substrate for both spot and flood needs. Then the Cast and Cure film is laminated onto the substrate and acts as a temporary embossing tool, manipulating the surface and creating the desired image or pattern with the chosen finish. This creates a “cased” imaged between the lamination and the surface varnish, to finish the varnish is cured with either UV or EB. Finally, the Cast and Cure film is stripped away, leaving no material on the film, therefore the film can be used multiple times.

There are many advantages of this process including being more sustainable with resources, cost effective and allows for additional design flexibility. Tim Cain the president of Breit Technologies who introduced Cast and Cure to the market notes “it’s cost-to-impact ratio continues to be proven in a variety of market segments”.

Cain highlights that the success of cast and cure is down to it being the most cost-effective process achieving the holographic effect in the printing industry today. The reusable cast film offers savings that a printing business would usually have to spend on materials, making the method more attractive than other foiling techniques.

Not only is the reusability of the cast film a monetary benefit but also a sustainability triumph for the printing world. As you can imagine the printing industry is not the most sustainable by nature. Therefore, having a material that can be reused up to 20+ times and then recycled is an innovation in itself. This method of achieving holographic designs also eliminates the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by using the UV/EB varnishes.

Finally, and possibly most importantly to our customers the cast and cure printing method allows for extra design flexibility. Due to the technology being able to spot apply and enhance specific areas of designs.

Davenport printers have the expertise you need to create engaging labels in any shape, size or colour you want. We find that metallic and holographic labels are popular as they give a luxurious aesthetic to your product. This is your opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the competition, eye catching holographic labels could put the odds of a customer’s purchase in your favour!

If you are looking for Custom Label Printing, look no further… we are a Leeds Printing Company who specialise in Printing Labels such as Custom Labels, Swing Tag Labels, Craft Beer Labels and Price Tag Labels. Whatever your label printing needs we have the expertise! Get in touch!

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