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How Does Packaging Influence Purchase Decisions

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Packaging is the last opportunity for marketers to make an impact on their customers.

Product packaging gives businesses the chance to communicate their mission visually

to customers. As well as the platform to position their product better than any of their

competitors. In the modern world, this is fundamental to a products success or failure

due to the ever-growing number of alternatives presented in the supermarkets. As such,

from a simple search, Sainsbury’s holds 446 different types of shampoo and

conditioner, all competing to attract the customer, with only naked eye of packaging to

differentiate them. Amidst competition rising and an estimate of 60-70% of purchasing

decisions being made in store, it has become apparent that product packaging is one of

the best marketing tools to influence and directly communicate with customers.

(JH Davenport’s Label – Tesco)

Did you know that one-third of all purchase decisions are made based upon the

packaging of the product? Yet the customer leaves home with the intention of buying a

product serving an exact purpose but with no strict decision on the brand. So, what

makes one brands packaging better than the next? The final purchase decision could

be the result of many factors. JH Davenport’s Printers have designed a 3-step flaw-

proof plan to attract the customer’s attention through packaging.

Step 1: Colour

When attracting customers attention colour is a significant factor as most marketing

experts highlight that the colour of packaging can affect the customers mood and even

the likelihood of purchase. For example, during sales businesses often use red labels in

order to connote a sense of urgency, whereas if a business wanted their products to

come across as luxurious, they may use silver foiled labels (e.g. shown below).

(JH Davenport’s Label – Due Sorelle Premium London Dry Gin)

Step 2: Comprehensive and Striking Typography

Another important consideration of label design is font choice. The text on a product is

used to tell the customer the benefits of the product, the ingredients and possible

warnings. If the text is illegible or lacks flow, then customers become impatient and are

likely to move on to the next product. Therefore, by using clear, concise and informative

text the customer will choose your product.

Step 3: Packaging Layout

52% of online customers said that they would return if their packaging was of premium

quality. Label design has a big part to play in this, as customers are likely to repurchase

unique, interesting, well designed labels. Will you use swing tags, foil labels or peel and

reveal labels to make your products more eye-catching?

Davenport Printers

At Davenports we use spot colour technology to ensure the colours of the custom labels are exact

to what our customer wants, this is then printed using digital printing creating eye-

catching custom packaging. Giving your product the attention to detail it needs in order

to stand out on the shelf!

Davenports understand the importance of the clarity of chemical labels, through the

strong adhesive used in our permanent hazard labels it will ensure the label is the best

quality and won’t come off unless you want them to.

Label design is important to our customers and therefore it is important to us. Whether

your design is custom swing tags, adhesive labels, foil labels or peel and reveal labels, we are

here to provide premium label printing in order to do your design justice.

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