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Out with the Old, in with the New

Last year Philip, Managing Director, decided to invest in a Konica Minolta Bizhub C71CF and a GM DC330 Mini, put simply, a high technology digital printing press and a label converter unit. This investment is revolutionary for JH Davenports as it will enable increasingly shorter lead times thereby improving production efficiency as well as producing high quality custom labels.

Faster Production

The Bizhub C71CF prints 62ft per minute at maximum speed. Usually we would have to go through traditional flexographic methods to generate and manufacture labels however now through using digital technology the artwork is scanned onto the paper. Making time consuming tasks such as changing plates redundant, as adjustments or starting a new job are performed with ease on the digital press.

More Techniques

The Bizhub C71CF widens the breadth of opportunities and applications we can produce for our customers as we are able to use a wider variety of substrates and apply different embellishments.

Higher Quality

Complete colour management control allows for consistency across the substrate from beginning to end of the press run. Ensuring that our customers get the best quality custom labels for their products.


The Bizhub C71CF creates less waste and does not use plates which means less ink cartons used and the toner cartridges that are used can be recycled. The machine also allows for techniques such as cast and cure which are far more sustainable than using flexographic methods.

The digital press was installed last week, and we filmed the process – we hope you enjoy our amusing edit of the behind-the-scenes footage.

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