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Swing Tag Galore

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Hang tags, price cards, cardboard labels, or more commonly known swing tags are printed information media used to attract customers and lead to a purchase.

Swing tags are often a last thought; however, they are a highly useful way of conveying more to customers than the average label as their structure allows more room for information, marketing, company information or values in a stylish way.

Not only does the swing tag give you more room to boast about your amazing product, there are many different techniques and materials to make sure your product stands out from the crowd.

(JH Davenport’s Swing Tag – The Silver Crane Co)


The image you want your brand to portray should be reinforced by the swing tag you choose. A bespoke shape design can be very eye catching; however, for a more sophisticated look a rectangular tag with monochrome theme implies quality and therefore adds value to the product (e.g. Above).


Research suggests that humans are creatures of habit and are more responsive to familiarity. Therefore, having brand uniformity in aspects such as your logo, products and marketing is proven to subconsciously attach to customers memory. So, if your product is not chosen the first time, customers may search again and remember your branding.


This product is for all ranges of businesses and even if you are looking to minimise costs then this could be the product label you are looking for. However, we advise that you take special consideration into the material of your swing tag, as if the material chosen is flimsy and thin it won’t give customers any confidence in your product. A thick card material will ensure pristine quality and would have suitable wear and tear, reinforcing the quality of the product attached.

Finishing options

When it comes to choosing your strings, cord and twines, we offer a range of colours and materials. So, you could match your string with your tag like the example shown above. Or maybe use cord to give the product a more luxury finish (e.g. Below).

(JH Davenport’s Swing Tag – Marks & Spencer)

Davenport printers have the expertise you need to create engaging swing tags in any shape, size or colour you want. This is your opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the competition, eye catching labels and swing tags could swing the odds of a customer’s purchase in your favour!

If you are looking for Custom Label Printing, look no further… we are a Leeds Printing Company who specialise in Printing Labels such as Custom Labels, Swing Tag Labels, Craft Beer Labels and Price Tag Labels. Whatever your label printing needs we have the expertise! Get in touch!

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